2017 Christmas Flower Offering

Please click here for a printable copy of the 2017 Christmas Flower Offering sheet.

In memory of:
Rosalie Bryan, Caroline Pennington, Rosalie Marino, George Russell (by: Laura Russell)
Michael Ippolito (by: Christopher Idler)
The Rev. Dr. Jean McClarin Jones, John Peterson (by: Lenore Jones)
Anne and Jame Reynolds, Margaret and John Heidenry (by: Pat and Jack Heidenry)
Fran Soile, Jude and MaryJane Blau, Beloved parents of our abundant family (by: The Lambert Family)
John and Alice Copeland, Rick Tear, Toni Fukuda (by: Susan Copelane)
Bruce Higgins, Robert Martin (by: Lynda Dexheimer)
Glenn Cray, Jane Cray, Tom Cray, Spenser Lyons, Andrea Massey, Gordon Mark (by: Cindy Cray)
John Tees Jr, Suzanne L. Tees (by: Florence Tees)
Ann Jipping (by: Mary Beth Jipping)
J.D. Proctor, Fred Vickery, Eileen Vickery (by: Proctor and Vickery Family)

In thanksgiving for:
family, life, and love (by: The Lambert Family)
Sophia and Zoe (by: Lynda Dexheimer)
Lewis Lasser, Robert Jipping, Tim Jipping (by: Mary Beth Jipping)
family, friends, music, the baby Jesus, All Saints (by: The Proctor and Vickery Family)

Linda Simpson2017 Christmas Flower Offering