Message from Pastor Elaine

Advent 2017
Charlottesville, Virginia

Dear people of All Saints,

It is with great joy and anticipation that I have accepted the call of your vestry to be the next rector of All Saints Parish in Hoboken. I know that it has been a long process for you all, and I commend the search committee and vestry for their faithfulness and patience in their discernment.

Information about me is included in the letter from the vestry, so I will tell you here why I am so excited to be joining you in Hoboken:

• Worship for all ages is central to your life as a congregation. As a former church musician, I believe that liturgy and music together have the power to lead people to an experience of the divine. It is in the regular rhythm of Sunday worship that we are fed and sent into the world to do God’s work.
• Ministry in the community is a hallmark of your identity as a parish. Active support of the food pantry and homeless shelter as well as the founding of the Jubilee Center are strong indicators of your commitment to living out our baptismal commitment to “seek and serve Christ in all persons” (BCP 305).
• Transition and change have played a significant part in your recent history. As an experienced organizational leader, navigating uncertainty is something that I do well, and I am especially glad to know that your lay leadership has done such an extraordinary job in maintaining the work and ministries of the church during this long transition.
• In my meetings with the search committee and vestry, humor and fun have been very much part of the equation. To enjoy the company of those with whom I minister, to take seriously the work but not ourselves, and to demonstrate the joy that comes from knowing and sharing the love of God are hugely important to me.

There is surely much more that I could say – community partnerships, campus ministry possibilities, urban ministry opportunities – but it won’t be long until we can share all of this together. In the meantime, I pray for you a blessed Advent, Christmastide, and Epiphany, and will look forward to arriving in Hoboken sometime in January to begin my work as your rector on February 1, 2018.

Grace and peace,

Linda SimpsonMessage from Pastor Elaine