Parish Prayer List

If you would like to add someone to the Prayer List please contact the Parish Office 201-792-3563

Prayers for strength, healing, and other requests for prayer from parish members and friends of the ­larger community:
Margaret Karoleski, Jaqueline, Anthony Rinaldis, Adam and Amy Harrison, Diana, Madeline, Karen Ethelsdattar, Sam, Brian, Eric, Elaine O’Hara, John, Garrett Backman, Neil, Bob, Jane, Mary, Ken, Lynn, Leigh, Bob, Ann, Paris. Steve, Anna, Patty, August, Mike, Norm, John, Adam, Amy, Mary, Lisa Dubois, Larry, Roya, Don, Baltimore, Nepal, Alice Day, Leila, Doris Martin and Toni Fukuda, John – recovering from transplant surgery, Jean Braden, Bruce Higgins and family, Pohlman Family, Caroline Pennington, Rhonda Kallish, Caleb Laieski, Kathy Ganim, David Tornabene, Andi Mitchell-Wright, Ana Rivera, Dottie Smith, Patricia Banks and Elliot, Norris awaiting a kidney notice, Larry Henriques, Leon-Paul (Doc) Georges, Vivian Hasbrouck, Allen Nelson and the Nelson family, Tara and the Copeland/Mynard family.

For those who are preparing for marriage: Martin Ramone Delossantos and Donald John Heliker, Amanda Engborg and Christopher Murphy

For those members of our parish attending institutions of higher learning:
Amanda Iocca (Rutgers); Elijah Coggins (Drexel University)

We rejoice that no new names have been added to the list of US casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen this past week,, and we pray for all people who must still live in war-torn areas, those fleeing from them, and our own veterans who still struggle with wounds to body, mind, and spirit.

Total US deaths—Iraq: 4519; Afghanistan: 2396; Syria: 3; Yemen: 1
Along with tens of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan, Syrian, and Yemeni civilians and service personnel.

Linda SimpsonParish Prayer List